Recipes to Bring Spice
to Your Cooking

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How to bring spice to your cooking

Recipes are just a guide, an idea, a path to preparing food. Nutmeg Kitchens Handcrafted Seasonings' recipes should be considered a starting point in your culinary discovery. I highly encourage experimentation in the kitchen, but if you need a little nudge, here you go!
As you use the blends, please let me know what you've prepared.

Aloha Java Party Wings

Chipotle Brown Sugar Rub Popcorn

Ian's Fire Shrimp

Ian's Fire Fish Tacos


Abracadabra Roasted Teriyaki Salmon

Magic Mediterranean Persimmon Goat Cheese Wedges

Ian's Fire Salted Chocolate Truffles

Magic Mediterranean Pot Roast with Cider Vinegar