Cooking with spice, imagination, and love

Nutmeg Kitchens 

Offering five unique, handcrafted seasoning blends and personalized small event catering.
We now offer weekly and bi-weekly personal chef services.

Our team is fully vaccinated and boosted, and we will continue to be masked at all events, taking every precaution to guarantee you and your guests a safe and enjoyable occasion. 
Nutmeg Kitchens is offering drop off and full service catering for all your entertaining needs. 

Bringing Spice to Your Kitchen!

At Nutmeg Kitchens™, we believe in cooking with love, along with fresh ingredients and intriguing flavor combinations that bring joy to your kitchen and to your palate.

Nutmeg Kitchens Handcrafted Seasonings™ add a bit of heat, a bit of sweet and a bit of joie de vivre to everything you prepare. Each of our five blends has its own unique taste profile that is magically mingled with kosher sea salt and organic herbs, spices and sugars to enhance the natural flavors of poultry, beef, pork, lamb, seafood and vegetables.

Our small event catering service brings innovative, personalized menus to your in-home special events.
Please visit our Small Event Catering page for more information.

We follow all production and packaging protocols set by the San Mateo County Department of Enviornmental Health.
Nutmeg Kitchens holds a San Mateo County Cottage Food Operator permit.

Why I Cook

Cooking is about love. Cooking is about sharing one of the most fundamental elements a human can share. We cannot breathe for one another, but we can provide nourishment to another. We celebrate and mourn with food; we charm and court with food; we impress with food and we humbly offer it when we have little else to share. This is why I cook.

Your Favorite Seasoning Blends are now in stackable tins!

All your favorite Nutmeg Kitchens Handcrafted Seasonings are getting a facelift. Same unique flavor combinations, new handy, stackable 4 ounce tins.

Handy refills are available, too!


Nutmeg Kitchens supports the Tim Griffith Foundation

The Tim Griffith Foundation helps to heal and strengthen Bay Area communities by providing support and services to those affected by addiction, violence, and loss.

I have been a beneficiary of the services the foundation provides and have been a volunteer for 4 years.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of all Nutmeg Kitchens Handcrafted Seasonings during December will go to support the Foundation's important mission.

Ian's Fire blend is a tribute to my son who left us far too soon. By creating and selling my seasoning blends, I hope to honor Ian, who was a force to be reckoned with, by bringing unique flavor combinations to your home cooking. Cooking is love, and I look forward to sharing my love with you.

NEW! Signature Ramekin

Keep your favorite blend close at hand with our Signature Ramekin. Made of durable bamboo with a swival lid, it's now even easier to add spice to your cooking. Whether purchasing for yourself or as a gift, Our Signature Ramekin can be added to your order for $5.00. Purchase 5 or more 4 ounce bags and you will receive a complimentary Signature Ramekin.

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